Microsoft Office Training Courses

Microsoft Office training coursesBecome an Office expert today!  From the basics to advanced technique, New Horizons’ Microsoft Office training courses will show you all you need to know.

Many people use Microsoft Office every day of their lives, but only some of us really know how to use all its wonderful features for maximum productivity and effectiveness.  To get the edge over your peers, you need training that will give you in-depth understanding of the tools you use every day.  Whether you’re a beginner or a power user, you will find a course set at your specific level of experience.

You will learn not only how to use the tools, but we also give you training in how to use these tools effectively in your day to day work, making your life easier and making you more productive.

Also available as instructor-led trainingclick here for Microsoft Office Training Courses.

Training courses are available for all applications in Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Word Training CoursesMicrosoft Word Courses

There is much more to Word than just paragraphs and fonts!  Perhaps the most common desktop applications today, word processing programs are utilized by virtually all PC users to author or edit documents such as corporate and HR policies, operational procedures, sales proposals and marketing briefs, as well as both internal and external communications.  Become a Microsoft Word expert and create documents that stand out!

Microsoft Excel Courses

Microsoft Excel Training CourseMicrosoft Excel is one of the most powerful and most versatile desktop applications available, giving you control over data, and helping you turn data into useful information.  Learn about Excel formula’s, external data, charts, graphics, templates and formatting, and make Excel work for you.

Microsoft Access Courses

Microsoft Access Training CourseMicrosoft Access is a desktop database application, giving normal users access to features that would normally only be available to professional database administrators.  This training course will teach you about the basic database concepts, such as tables, queries and relationships, and teach you how to use Access’s powerful features like forms and reports.

Microsoft Outlook Courses

Microsoft Outlook Training CourseMillions of people use Outlook every day, not just for e-mail, but for organising their calendars, tasks, delegating work to colleagues, requesting meetings and more.  New Horizons’ Office Outlook training courses will teach you how to use all of these features, and help you get organized.

Microsoft Powerpoint Courses

Microsoft Powerpoint Training CourseCreate striking presentations, using text, images, graphics and animations.  Powerpoint is the industry standard in digital presentation software.  Learn how to use Powerpoint’s powerful tools to enhance your talks, presentations or lectures.

Microsoft Project Courses

Microsoft Project Training CourseMicrosoft Project is one of the most popular applications for professionally managing your projects.  Microsoft Project implements most of the accepted project management principles and practices in an easy-to-use desktop environment.  Our Microsoft Project training course deals with the basics of project management, as well as how to use these concepts in Microsoft Project.

Other Office applications

You will also have access to training courses in all the other programs and applications in the Microsoft Office suite, such as Infopath, Sharepoint Designer, Visio and Publisher.

Just upgraded to the latest version of Office?

A changing environment and user interface can be confusing for users, but also adds new features that can save you time and money.  Get training for your version of Office, from 2000 right through to 2007.  We’ve also just included our first Office 2010 courses! If you register now, you will also get the latest Office 2010 courses as they become available!

Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Certification

Our training courses will fully prepare you for the MCAS certification exams, and are accredited by Microsoft.

For a full list of courses, see the Microsoft Office library course list.